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Gamboa Press Process

At Gamboa Press Studio, we use a cutting-edge cloud-based system that incorporates the latest advancements in digital communication and data management. Our team of highly skilled experts plays a critical role in ensuring the seamless functionality of this process.

The Process


After selecting Gamboa Press Studio as your audiobook provider, the process begins with our Casting Director. Your project is then assigned the most suitable Narrator through one of three methods: you can personally choose a Narrator by listening to audio samples on our website, our Casting Director can provide custom audition samples for your review, or you can entrust our Casting Director to make the perfect choice of voice for your project, as many of our clients do.


Our Researcher, working closely with your assigned Narrator, prepares the manuscript before the voicing process begins. The Narrator records the project and sends each session's audio files to the Proofer for review. The Proofer provides corrective notes to the Narrator after each session. Our team maintains constant communication throughout the process, with all team members sharing notes in a forum that is accessible to leadership and Quality Control (QC).


The recording equipment and audio software used by our Narrators and Editors are all approved and standardized. After the Proofer has reviewed and made corrections to each session's audio files, the Editor receives the formatted file and ensures it meets all technical requirements. Once all sessions are complete, the Editor masters the audio and sends it for a final quality check by Gamboa Press Quality Control. Finally, the audio files are delivered to you in the format of your choice.

How can I begin?

Following an initial consultation with our audio publishing experts, we will provide a personalized quote for your project.


  • What is the time commitment?

We typically schedule 90-minute recording sessions, resulting in approximately one hour of final run time per session (roughly calculated as total word count divided by 9,000). Editing, post-production, and mastering will be completed within approximately two weeks.

  • What if I'm not technically savvy?

Our producer will guide you through the microphone setup process. No software installation is required. Simply click on the provided link for each scheduled session, and you'll be directed to the virtual studio.

  • What if I lack the time or prefer a professional narrator?

We offer a diverse portfolio of skilled voice actors and narrators. We'll assist you in finding the ideal voice for your project.

  • "I'm ready to proceed. What's the process?"

  1. We'll begin with an introductory consultation to understand your project.

  2. You'll send us your manuscript.

  3. We'll provide a customized quote for your approval.

  4. We'll assess your equipment needs and offer recommendations.

  5. You'll schedule your recording sessions.

  6. We'll collaborate in the virtual studio to record your audio.

  7. We'll edit, process, and master the audio files for the final audiobook.

  8. We'll assist in creating your audiobook cover.

  9. You'll receive a link to review and approve your audio or request revisions.

  10. Once approved, we'll arrange distribution across various retail channels for your audiobook.


In the digital audio industry, the text component is the most consistent aspect. Therefore, we can provide a fixed price per completed hour of narration and number of words per book and guarantee to meet or beat any pricing offered on any project.


For distinctive projects with specific demands, we offer customized programs tailored to your requirements. Our goal is to provide affordable pricing, ensuring the highest quality, and delivering on a promised timeline you can rely on.


Our audiobook rates start at $435 per finished hour, which includes proofing, editing and providing you with a finished master.


Please contact us for a specific quote on your project.

Ready to get started? 

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