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Discover Gamboa Press Studio's all-inclusive turnkey audiobook solution, meticulously designed to streamline your journey from creation to market. We've got you covered with everything you need to swiftly bring your audiobook to life. Here’s what we provide:

Pre-recording consultation

At Gamboa Press Studio, our team has highly trained narrators, many of whom have been recognized for distinction by the prestigious Audie Awards. Working closely with our editors, proofers, and researchers, our narrators collaborate to deliver an exceptional listening experience that captures both the technical and content aspects of your audiobook.

Remote recording with live producer

Experience a revolutionary remote recording process that redefines audiobook production. With our live producers, unleash your creative genius from anywhere in the world. No more limits based on geography, just boundless artistic freedom. Whether you're in your private studio or enjoying a beachside melody, our innovative platform connects you with top-tier producers who will bring your audiobook to life. Collaborate in real-time, capturing your unique voice and elevating your narration to new heights. Break free from traditional studios and embark on an extraordinary audio adventure like never before.

Audio editing, post production and final mastering

At Gamboa Press Studio, our exceptional audio services take your project to new heights. With top-notch editing, post-production, and mastering, our talented team ensures a polished end result. We handle every step, from noise reduction to track blending, delivering studio-quality sound that captivates listeners. Trust us to transform your recordings into an unforgettable experience.

Creation of your audiobook cover

At Gamboa Press Studio, we understand the importance of a captivating audiobook cover. Our expert designers bring your story to life with a professionally crafted cover that captures its essence. Collaborating closely with you, we create a cover that grabs attention and reflects your audiobook's tone and genre. From selecting images to incorporating branding, we ensure your cover stands out in the market. Make a powerful first impression and entice listeners with a magnificent cover that intrigues and captivates.

Publish your audiobook on various platform

At Gamboa Press Studio, we simplify audiobook distribution for you. With our extensive network of partners, including Audible, Amazon, iTunes, and 35+ other major online sales channels, we ensure your audiobook reaches a wide audience. Our team handles the complexities of metadata submission, file formatting, and platform requirements, ensuring your audiobook meets each channel's standards. Focus on creating great content while we handle distributing your audiobook to eager listeners worldwide.

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